Can’t I get angry without it being a symptom of bipolar?

Last night, my wife and daughter were headed for my parents house to use the printer.  It was going to be just me and my son at home.  My wife suggested that we try to get some good father-son bonding going on.  I knew he’d had a rough day, and besides, I really like hanging out with him, so there was never really any question about.

So here’s what happened.  Sometimes my wife and I unplug the computer to restrict our kids from using it too much.  She did the hiding most recently, and I decided that I wanted to check my facebook and email at some point during the evening,  so before she left…

I asked “Hey, where’s the computer cable?”

But instead of answering the question she says, “How are you supposed to spend time with your son if you’re on the computer?”

This pissed me off.

I replied (with a surly tone),  “Hey, lecture over, please”

She accused me of being in a mixed state (she’s very up on all the lingo), screamed, and left the house.

Can’t I get angry without it being a symptom of bipolar?  This happens over and over.  I feel like every member of my family is looking at all of my behavior through the “is this the bipolar?” lense.

And so what if I’m a little crazy once in a while?  What did you expect?


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