My Bipolar Regimen

My approach to bipolar has been a very strict regiment. I’m what psychiatrists call a “compliant patient”. I’m the good boy. I don’t like to get chewed out by my doctors or my wife, so I stick to the plan. I’m the only bipolar I know who sticks with the plan. Believe me, it drives me crazy sometimes. But I’ve got too much at stake to fool around with this.


I take Geodon, Lamictal, and I’m starting Lithium to night. Yay. I honestly don’t know if any if this stuff works, but my wife says it does. For insomnia, I alternate between Restoril and Lunesta. It works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t.


Theanine, Multi-vitamin, D3, Fish Oil, Folic Acid


None. ARGGGGGGG! My doctor says he wants to get me stable enough that I might be able to have a drink now and then. Not there yet.


None. This was a very hard thing to give up. I like cigarettes, cigars, and pipes…pretty much anything with tobacco.


None. That was hard at first, but I’m over it. I even feel pretty sharp in the morning.


8-9 hours a night. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time. This used to be easy, but now it’s very difficult. Higher dose of Geodon gave me panic attacks at night. Now I have insomnia.


This is where I suck. I pretty much eat what I want, but to my credit I never skip a meal. At least that’s something.




3 thoughts on “My Bipolar Regimen

  1. You are a good patient!! I have been good for almost a year but am already on the verge of rebellion. I take lamictal as well… and Haldol. And something for sleep.
    Drinking I like… I don’t smoke or anything like that.
    But stable?? Is there truly a such thing? I am definitely more compliant than I have ever been but because I am losing insurance, that may not be the case much longer.
    Lamictal and memory loss… very interesting cause I cannot remember shiz. haha

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