Lithium and Sleep

Starting a new drug is a big deal.  Lithium will change my life in one way or another.  It might master my mood swings.  It might make me fat, pimply, and bald.  It might hurt my kidneys.

And I hoped…

that it might make me


My first night of lithium (last night), I felt so plastered.  I felt very heavily sedated.  I was so hopeful that it might just knock me out, and it would have if I was a normal person.  After about an hour, I gave in and took a Lunesta.  Nothing.  I’ve been struggling with Benign Proxismal Positional Vertigo, and Dramamine helps.  So I took a Dramamine.

I think the Dramamine must have put me over the edge some time after midnight.  I slept through the night.  Thankfully.

1st day on Lithium.  I was just a touch hungover and struggled to get out of bed, but now that I’m up and moving I feel pretty good.

Insomnia is maddening.  I did so well for a few weeks alternating between Lunesta and Restoril, but alas, my powerfully active mind always wins in the end.

Hopefully, it won’t take horse tranquilizers to get me to sleep tonight.  Or perhaps I’ll just say  SCREW IT and stay up all night reading and blogging.


6 thoughts on “Lithium and Sleep

  1. Just say Screw It. Or play an MMO. LOL.

    Lithium doesn’t help with sleep. It does have long-term side-effects, kidney failure or something. My doc tried to wean me off it, but I got manic. It’s the only drug that works for me. Tried and true, the only drug that’s made to treat bipolar disorder.

    Everything else was discovered to also treat bipolar and now gets the FDA stamp of approval.

    If you want something for sleep, you could try Seroquel. It will knock you out until Tuesday. But it is an anti-psychotic and will most definitely make you fat, and make you feel stupid. LOL.

    • KB, I’m stupid enough as it is! I don’t need a drug to help me along. I’m alternating between Restoril and Lunesta. I sleep most nights, but I still struggle. My hope with Lithium is that it calms brain activity. That’s what keeps me awake.

  2. LOL. I take Lithium at night, and Lamictal in the morning. The combination works well for me. It will probably take some adjustment to get your Lithium at the right level to work for you. Hope you get some sleep! I take Lunesta from time to time, when I’m not as stable, but I’m doing pretty well on my meds now. Haven’t had any mania or agitated depressions in over 6 months, and best thing, I’m writing 🙂

  3. I hear you. Sleep is so important for trying to manage mood. I take Lithium and Seroquel, and still use Ambien for sleep. Sometimes add in a Xanax if I still can’t sleep. I only had one full awake night recently when we were messing with the meds last year. I can’t afford to now because of my baby, so I just take more Ambien or Xanax if I’m still up after a few hours.
    Hope your new cocktail works well for you!

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