Mania and Insomnia

I didn’t sleep a wink last night.  This happens once or twice month.  I’ll be honest, I’m not feeling very good right now.  I’m choking down a bowl of generic Cheerios (Toasty O’s), to ease the tightness in my stomach.  I will chase it with a bite of fresh ginger root for the nausea.  It works pretty well.

And the sucky part of this is that it’s probably all my fault.  I spent a lot of time yesterday, obsessively blogging while I should have been doing my job.  The obsessive behavior eventually spiked my mood into a hypomania, and as you know, mania makes it difficult (or unnecessary) to sleep.  When I’m truly manic, I don’t feel the fatigue that I’m feeling right now.  But I was manic enough not to sleep, nonetheless.

I’m afraid I’ll be forced to put this blog on the back burner if I can’t learn to control my obsessive tendencies.  It’s just not worth losing sleep over.

At some point, I’ll probably have to admit that blogging is a trigger for me, but not today.

It’s days like this when I really miss caffeine.


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