Saying I’m sorry

In Anita Simpson’s post Rage and Depression, she explores the notion that our lashing out at our loved ones is truly the anger that we bear for ourselves. She describes a “temper tamptram” she often throws with her husband in which she becomes enraged and irrational. I very much identify with this behavior.

This is how we wear out our partners. Sometimes it’s hard to control it. But it wears them out nonetheless. And it’s not just temper tamptrams, it’s the whole spectrum of bipolar behavior. Let’s face we can be hard to live with. So how do we say I’m sorry?

Sometimes my impulse is to say something a little childish like “I’m sooooo sorry for being bipolar!”. Because sometimes it really is the bipolar that is the source of our offensive or off putting behavior. So how do we apologize.

You could say something like “That was rough. I’m sorry you had to be a part of that”. And that’ s worth something.

But sometimes it’s simpler just say “I’m sorry.”

The people who love us and who get the worst of us understand better than anyone what “I’m sorry” means. And sometimes it means that if there’s something more that we can do to change this then we would do it.


2 thoughts on “Saying I’m sorry

  1. I have sometimes felt I have been saying “I’m sorry” my whole life — this is usually when I’m feeling sorry for myself. 🙂 Those words can make a world of difference, but you are right, if we can change something then we may try to change it so as to have fewer apologies in the future. Sometimes all the other person wants is to know we are trying.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog, by the way!

    • Sometimes I get ideas from reading other people’s blogs. It only seems right to give credit where credit is due. Ironically, the very day I posted this, I had to practice my apology. It’s not easy; just saying I’m sorry with no strings attached.

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