Pushing through the Lithium

I haven’t published to my fiction blog since I started Lithium.  I just had no motivation to even try.  So I skipped out on my weekly ritual and wondered if I was done with it.  I was worried that I would have no story to tell.  I was resigning myself to choosing a life of stability over any chance of creativity.  I’d read story after story of people losing their creative spark after taking Lithium.  But then my readers began asking when the next installment would come.  It was nice to see that someone was invested in my writing.  I didn’t want to disappoint.

I read through my last episode, hoping to pick up the trail, but nothing came.  I just stared blankly at the empty post prompt.  It was gone.  I had nothing to say.  I just couldn’t feel it.  I knew what it needed to be.  It needed to be quirky and weird and funny and moving in some way.  This is the essence of this particular series.  But I did’t feel quirky, funny, or capable of moving anybody.

But I didn’t give up.  I was determined to deliver what I had promised.  I imagined the tone I was going for.  I imagined the voices of my characters.  And somehow it came.  The story unfolded.  The characters came alive once again.  My voice jumped back on to the page with clarity.

I pushed through the Lithium.



3 thoughts on “Pushing through the Lithium

  1. Awesome! I know that feeling very well. Generally I allow it to pull me under like quicksand. It’s nice to know that there is an alternative, that I can push through it. (I think it’s similar even thought I take Depakote instead of lithium)

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