Lithium Side Effect: Taste

So, I started Lithium a few weeks ago. I have no idea if it’s working or not. I suppose it is. I haven’t gone nuts yet. I was warned that there might be side effects. So far, I’ve only had one side effect: it is screwing with my sense of taste.

I have a very strong sense of taste. I can sort out very complex flavors and smells. This is why I love single malt scotch so much. It seems to have an infinite variety of flavors and smells. So this side effect is really bothering me! It adds a metallic tang to some foods and some drinks. It gives me weird after tastes that linger for hours.

But hey, if it keeps me healthy, then I suppose it’s a small price to pay. But if I was a professional spirit and wine critic, my career would be over!

[EDIT: Although the lithium gives me a metallic taste it was Orchex that was making it really bad. It’s call and glandular and it doesn’t work]


6 thoughts on “Lithium Side Effect: Taste

  1. I experienced this as well when I first started lithium, but either it went away or I got used to it after a few weeks. I especially noticed the metallic taste when I smoked cigarettes. Hopefully it is just transient for you as well.

  2. I was on it for a while. I remember the matallic taste but my biggest problem was that my hands shook constantly. Then the Dr tried to put me on something to stop my hands from shaking and I ended up in the hospital with an allergic reaction.

  3. I think I had the shaking hand side-effect too when I first started Lithium. I was on twice the dose I’m on now, because I was really unstable then. But it went away, so either it was because my dose was lowered or my body adjusted. I always get the metallic taste side-effect from Lunesta though.

  4. When I was on lithium, had horrible hand tremors and my sense of taste was completely jacked up. I couldn’t eat anything with butter or cheese. The smell of random things (celery, ramen noodles) made me gag. It was horrible. I also felt like I was really paranoid and had trouble speaking. When I say I had trouble speaking, I was always feeling like I couldn’t come up with the words to convey my thoughts. It was horrible. The side effects were worse than any benefit I received from it.

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