When Doctors Disagree

Last week I saw my psychiatrist and this morning I saw my psychologist.  My psychiatrist said, “Ok, be sure not to take Klonopin with alcohol.  Ok?  Oh, and by the way, I’d like to get you stable enough for you to have a glass of wine once and awhile. Just not with Klonopin.”

This really surprised me.  Both of my docs have held a hard line against me drinking alcohol under any circumstance for the rest of my blinkin’ bipolar life.  So I’m thinking “Hell yeah!  I might get to have a beer at the ball game.  Or wine with dinner.  Or maybe a sip of scotch once in awhile.”

Now, if you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m uber compliant.  I do whatever they say.  And if I break the rules, I don’t lie about.  So this morning in my therapy session, I brought up what the psychiatrist said.  She threw a little fit.  She said that she’s going to have a little chat with the good doctor and she will win.  “I ALWAYS win,” she exclaimed, “And besides, he’s a little afraid of me.”   Wow.  So that’s how it is?  The medical doctor who knows more about my body’s chemical makeup than anyone else in the world is going to have to answer to a psychologist?

In the end, I believe my psychiatrist will recant what he said because he is a little meek and she is a little scary.  But you know what?  It’s my body.  In the end, it’s up to me to decide.  I hired these two professionals to give me information, but it’s up to me to decide what to do with it.

Now, I know what’s going to happen.  If I do have a drink, then I’ll have to decide whether or not I’m going to tell her.  And if I do, I have to be prepared to catch some flack for it.  I don’t think she’ll just give up without a fight.  It could, in fact, end our relationship.  I do not want this.  This might be something I have to hold back information on so that I can continue to see her.

It’s hard for me to know who to trust when my doctors disagree.


9 thoughts on “When Doctors Disagree

  1. Hmmmm, you are such a good patient. Have you noticed a remarkable difference between being medicated and drinking? Or are you now “stabilized”??
    I do drink and I don’t hide it. I do not drink and get sloppy drunk, but I like some wine and libations while hanging out with family.
    I have a cool therapist and psychologist… their minds think alike and they are equally bold and outspoken. Maybe finding a doc/therapist combo like that would be helpful for you. Just a thought.

    • I’ve been stable since he put my on Lithium. I would need to go a few months being stable, in my opinion, before ever cracking a beer. And if I did, I would need to stick to one, which isn’t a problem for me. Can a therapist be too controlling?

      • My therapist believes that I’m so sensitive that a puff of a cigar or a sip of alcohol could send me into an upward spiral into looney land. In truth, I took a business trip a few months ago. I smoke and drank the whole time (in moderation of course). It didn’t create a single problem. I told her about it. Told her that it didn’t cause any problems. This morning she brought it up and said, “Don’t remember how icky that made you feel?” Icky? It was the best week I’d had in months. She’s just so convinced that she doesn’t even remember the story straight. Not sure what to do. I guess I’m a little pissed off right now. I’m ready to take back control of my life.

  2. I think it is according to what meds you are on. I will admit that up until last fall when I quit drinking, I drank whatever I wanted on a lot of different medicines. Nothing ever happpend. But My therapist was against it. I have heard that it can cause siezures or even death to drink while taking psych meds. So, I wouldn’t tell anyone to do it, it just never affected me personally.

  3. Maybe the reason why your therapist thinks she knows you better is because she does know you better lol. Psychiatrists only spend 15 mins a month or two with us usually just for medication management, but therapists we pour our guts out to. It’s hard to find a good therapist. Personally, I think you can live a good life without drinking alcohol. I don’t drink anymore, because if I take one drink, I’ll be tempted to take another. And I always feel like crap afterward. I agree with Muse. Perhaps, it’s more beneficial to you if your therapist and psychiatrist are on the same page with your treatment.

    • This was her rule from the first, so I don’t think it has anything to do with knowing me better. I’ve done fine without alcohol for the last year. Quitting was not a problem. Moderation is not a problem. I was just so surprised that my psychiatrist said that. These two doctors have worked closely together on me. This is the first time where their advice diverged.

  4. Yeah, it is kind of weird for your therapist and psych doc would have such strong opinions about a glass of wine. I can understand your doc not wanting you to take alcohol with benzo since they’re sedating. I had a therapist once who made me sign a contract, including no drinking and no playing MMOs LOL, but I was really in bad shape at the time. Anyway, if that’s the case about your therapist making this rule for you, I don’t think a glass of wine is big deal especially if you’re able to moderate your drinking.

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