How I combat loss of cognitive functioning due to medication

I’m a software developer and high mental acuity is crucial to do my job well.  But since I began treatment, I feel like I I’ve lost about 20 IQ points.  I just accepted it as a price to pay for sanity, but it was really affecting my job.  So I talked to my psychiatrist (who’s a DO not an MD) and he gave me what sounded like a typical osteopath bullshit prescription: gluten-free and a daily dose of a product (which he happens to sell) called Omega Pure DHA.  He said that the wheat we grow now is not the same that our grandparents ate.  Some dude in the 50s or 60s developed a dwarf wheat which comes to fruition much quicker.  He got a Nobel prize for helping to solve the global hunger problem.  But the problem with this wheat is that it contains a super gluten, a super starch, and some sort of chemical that makes you crave more wheat. He pointed me to a bullshit book called Grain Brain.  But this dwarf wheat answered my biggest question about the whole gluten-free craze:  How is it that our species has been living off bread for so long if it’s bad for us?  Dwarf-fucking-wheat, bitch.

So I was just desperate enough to try it.  I went gluten-free and I bought a bottle of Omega Pure DHA snake oil and started taking it.  I noticed a difference in just a week.  I assumed it was placebo, but my belief about placebo is that it is simply an object or an activity that unlocks your body/mind’s ability to heal itself, so I just went with it.  However it’s been 3 months and I’m still getting strong results. My job performance has improved significantly.   And when I do cheat with gluten, I get very sluggish the next day, which is a strong signal that I have a gluten sensitivity (I can’t believe I just said this, and there’s not fucking way I’m quitting dairy).

I also tried stopping the Omega Pure for a few days and I got stupid again.  So my conclusion is that this is legit. Whether you need an antidote to med head (just made that up), or you just want your brain to work better, I recommend giving it a shot.  As to the product Omega Pure DHA, I’m sure there are other similar products.  It’s $32 for a month’s supply.


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