Facebook and Bipolar

So, I got some really bad news this week.  Two of my best friends split up after twelve years, consequently splitting up our band.  I’ve been playing with these guys for about a year.  No one ever wanted me to be in a band before these guys.  I may never get another shot at being in a band again.  I loved every minute of it.  And the four members of the band grew to love each other deeply.  And when we were on stage together, we were something. Like we were a thing that never existed before.

I’m taking it kind of hard.  I’ve been on the lookout for mood shifts.  And one of those barometers is Facebook.  Facebook becomes a public log of my level of sanity.  My posts get weird and manic.  Things that I think are interesting or funny end up being odd and incomprehensible and disturbing.

Someone who knows, will message me and ask me if I’m ok.  And that’s just what happened to me today.  My daughter noticed.  And just now, I took a break from this post and went to a little client mixer at my office and I went on this manic ramble with this poor little shy girl…a customer.

But, yeah, Facebook.  It’s a great platform for crazy.  I have a buddy who gets crazy on Facebook.  I can tell almost immediately when he quits his meds.  He gets hilarious and super posty, then starts posting things like, “Well, folks, it’s been nice knowing you.  Goodbye.”

You could conclude that FB is a bad thing for bipolars.  But, perhaps it’s actually really good.  We can’t always tell when we are cycling, but friends and family can tell.  It might just help you nip it in the bud.


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