Choosing Bipolar

maxresdefaultThere are perhaps billions of variations in human biology.  Even though I have an identical twin with identical DNA, I am unique in many ways.  DNA suggests a biological configuration.

Take my smart phone.  It has a configurable state.  I can choose my lock screen image.  I can choose my security settings for the lock screen.  My thoughts, my experiences, my health, my environment affect which of my genes are dormant and which are active.  My gene was turned on.  Something triggered my bipolar gene.  My brother’s bipolar gene never turned on.  Did God want this for me and my brother?  I don’t know.  Whether or not God intended this configuration for me is less important than what meaning I attach to it.  I configured my phone because I desired a certain state for operation.  I might decide that I welcome the activation of my bipolar gene.  This puts me in a more proactive posture for living.  That is, I live as if I’ve chosen to have bipolar.  I learn and grow because of it.

For me, where God enters the picture, is in helping me grow from my circumstance.  If I surrender my bipolar to God, then I become open to the possibility that he can do something good with it.  The question of whether God in this scenario is an actual reality is less important to me than how living this way can better my life.  I believe that we can unlock potential in this process.

So today, I choose bipolar.  I choose to believe that were it a choice, I would choose for my bipolar gene to be turned on.  I believe that I am a wonderful creature and that the way my brain works is a part of that.  And bipolar has shaped the way my brain works in untold ways.  Why would I want to change that?


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