Are you SURE you took your meds?

There are certain phrases we (bipolars) hear from our loved ones which can get old.

Are you SURE you took your meds?

You had a lot to say on Facebook today, I think you’re manic.

You’re acting a little nutty, maybe they should change your meds.

Ok, I’m grateful to have someone in my life who loves me.  I need to hear when something is off, but the reality is all people get a little nutty once in a while.  And the medicine only can do so much.  I don’t mind being a little nutty once in awhile.  I’ve always been that way, even before the bipolar took over.

I might have a little mania from time to time but here is the requirement for a manic episode:

A distinct period of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood, lasting at least 1 week

One week (with 3 or more symptoms).  Not a couple of days.  7 days straight.

I’ve been in treatment for 5 years now.  I quit drinking (AA).  I quit smoking. I quit gluten.  I swim 3 times a week.  I eat a balanced diet with plenty of omega 3 fatty acid and veggies.  I’m as level as I’m ever going to be.  I’ve suppressed some of my natural tendencies so that people wouldn’t be worried.  I’ve tried to behave like an adult should behave.  But I’m silly.  I’m weird.  I’m eccentric.  Medicine cannot change that.

I work in jobs where a certain decorum is expected.  I respect that.  And so when I leave it, I gotta loosen up a little bit.  One of the things that attracted my wife to me was that I was funny;  funny on purpose, and funny without meaning it.  She likes when I am silly in private, but seems to feel very uncomfortable in public.

I get it.  Churches and government agencies want their people to be serious and mature and normal.  I do my best.  I take my meds…yes I’m sure.  But some things you can’t, and shouldn’t medicate.



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