Coming Down

I’ve been somewhere between hypomanic and manic for a number of weeks now.  Then yesterday, this happened to my mania.

I just sort of sunk down out of it. Like Charlie in the Fizzy Lifting drink scene in Willy Wonka after a few good burps.  It felt nice; a relief.  I’m not sure if I’m becoming depressed or I’ve been so used to being manic.  I’m still writing a lot, so I’m probably not quite depressed, and I may not be quite off the manic high.

I just now took a moment to close my eyes and feel.  I feel as if I’m wearing a heavy, cool blanket.  I feel very nice.  Perhaps as if I had a couple of shots of good bourbon…would that I could.

I slept without a sleeping aid for the first time in weeks despite the fact that my wife was spread out in the middle of the bed and snoring hard.  I just rolled over, thanked God for my sobriety and for another day of living and drifted off.



6 thoughts on “Coming Down

  1. Hi,

    I’m @Sober_secret on Twitter – just said hi and came over to check out your blog.

    You mentioned the connection between alcoholism and mental illness is rarely made. Come to that, mental illness itself is a poor cousin of medical research and widely ignored as the “mad people in the attic” by many.

    There’s a great campaign here in Scotland called “See Me” which highlights mental illness. The fact that a broad section of human suffering needs an advertising campaign at all says a lot.

    Can I ask, and I’ll read through your posts as well – did you fall into that same ‘self medication’ alcohol trap that I did?

    Keep in touch, and I’ll check back here – I’ll also link you from my blog.

    All the best

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