Tired of Being a Jerk

incredible-hulk-screamThis round of mania has been worse than usual.  It’s been bad enough to warrant a medicine change.  I thought it was over because of the new drug, but it seems like it was a placebo.  Although my hypersexuality symptom has diminished, my behaving like an enraged asshole has not.  My poor family must be losing patience.  They are also very concerned and scared.  They’ve seen me at my worst, and they know what that could mean.


I’m such a jerk right now that I keep having to delete this post because I cannot write it without being a jerk.  Tips and tricks for dealing with this?


2 thoughts on “Tired of Being a Jerk

    • It’s good. In fact, I had a really good evening. I took Seroquel, got into bed and waited a couple hours before showing my face. I think writing and thinking and preparing made a difference.

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