Daniel Undone: American Born Chinese – Part 4

Read from the beginning.    Daniel Undone – Memoirs of a Maniac

Hummingbird_Hero_Roger_LevienFor months I’d been singing a song from my college singing repertoire.  It was a very romantic French song.  It was about a hummingbird that flies far and wide to find a flower.  With one sip of the nectar it dies of ecstasy, just as, says the lover, I will die if you kiss me.  I had this notion that it might woo someone with it. My wife never cared much for my singing;  not because I was bad, but because I was so intense about it.  I had studied music in college and had worked night and day to be as good as I could be.  My wife, on the other hand, had worked very little at all and yet still had a better voice than me.  I had prepared for this opportunity for who knows how long. I didn’t just want to turn her on.  I wanted her to fall for me, and I felt that the song was my best chance.



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