Ok. I’m Officially a Creep…maybe.

I just discovered tonight that I’ve been casually flirting with a high school senior at the grocery store. I suppose I shouldn’t be flirting all. I’m married. It only happens when I’m manic.  I haven’t learned how to deal with that, yet.

I confess that I can no longer tell the difference between young and too young at my advanced age of 43.  Again, why do I even do it?  I feel that a harmless flirtation with a college girl waitress is fine.  I never degrade. I don’t call anyone sugar, honey, darlin’. I don’t even comment on appearances. I just make good eye contact, drop some wit, and give a little extra attention.

But high school is off limits for any kind of flirtation. A bigger problem is she liked it. There is a college freshman as well. She acted  jealous when I chose the other girls’ aisle over hers one day. She blushed in spite of herself. They both show a lot of affection for me, but what kind I cannot tell.  When I’m manic I think every girl wants me. 

And so I took my 18-year-old daughter in with me tonight to get some chips, and they knew each other from school, and I realized I was that guy.  But which guy?  The older guy that makes a young woman feel attractive or the older guy that just makes them feel creepy. Either way, flirtation OFF. I will downshift into safe fatherly figure.


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