Poems of a Manic Hypersexual

I wrote hundreds of little poems before my treatment.  They’re broken into sets.  This set is entitled “Words of Attraction”.  This collection, like all of them, was written as a live stream on twitter with no editing.  I can’t do it anymore.  I though you might enjoy a tease.

dark corner bricks away from streetlight
cool, rough on your back
one hand on wall
the other pulling you closer

scruffy face prickles your neck
warm lips soothe it
tease it

took a drag of yours
while you moved your feet
close enough to share a smoke
close enough to share a beat

warmed my hands
while you weren’t looking
hoping to touch you

knew you ate oranges at two
before I knew your name.

he didn’t care
whether it was the fabric softener
or the scent God had given her
he liked it on her

cigarette smoke lingered
on her kiss
only quickening his addiction

a lisp in her speech
centered his thoughts upon her tongue
and he desired her

I take your hand in mine
give you a smile that holds an entire love affair
and thank you for your kind words

reach out to me
with trembling hand or steady
it matters not for my hand is stayed

bless me in morning light
with warm belly on mine
before words and before time

touch the tip of my nose
that’s the only cold part of me

you find salvation
in the strong line of my jaw
I find it in your half-closed eyes

youth and beauty sat before me
one too young for a glance
the other too lovely to bear

I dare only imagine
my fingertips on subtlest hairs
down your bare back

when just a glance can be just a small lifetime
a tiny universe
of love and loss and never

no sense of shame
boldly intrude on your eyes
will you look away?

flash of smile and eye
she took her game to the street
hoping to lead him

your face fades in my mind’s eye
but your sighs still hang in the morning air
and your scent lingers on my lonely pillow

take me to your fountain
quench my powerful thirst
before I wither, o love

would I let your fragrant hair
fall upon me
in the gentle rocking
of your giving spirit

you see light in my eyes
hoping for revelation
find only glimmer of hope

watched you walk away
jeans clinging to powerful curves
wishing it was my hand instead of his

cold air and perfume clings
to your woolen sweater
and I cling to your lips

when you didn’t smile
that is when
I first glimpsed your beauty

kindle the heart of a lover
use it to woo
the marrow out of life


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