closer profileMarried, two kids, software developer, choir director, tuba player, and writer.  I have Bipolar Disorder.  The docs say Bipolar I.

When I read all of these personal bipolar stories in books or online, I just don’t know where I fit in.  I’ve never attempted suicide.  I’ve never been hospitalized.  I didn’t run stark naked across a busy freeway.  I’ve never been stuck in bed too depressed to move.

Your bipolar could whip my bipolar’s ass any day of the week.

So I’m writing this blog because I know there have to be others like me who don’t totally identify with the typical bipolar experience.

I’ll post something new a few times a week.  Or if I’m a little manic, a few times a day.

It’s anonymous so that I can say what needs to be said about the sleazier parts of my illness.

If you want to know more about more story read


Memoirs of a Maniac

Daniel was a good and steady guy.  A faithful husband. A good father. He tucked his polo shirts into his dad jeans and got his hair cut for $11. A regular guy……….and a sane man. This is the story of his life-altering journey to the heights of bipolar mania.





7 thoughts on “About

  1. HAHA! My bipolar couldn’t kick yours ass. I have never been hospitalized or attempted suicide, though I should have been hospitalized a couple times… but hey, I made it through.
    My depression kicks my ass though. I have been in bed, in pajamas for 3 days now. I have showered though. I welcome mania any day. I miss that crazy fun…
    No running around naked for me either… a few other odd behaviors I shall not disclose. 🙂
    Welcome to the blogging world. Enjoy. It gets addicting and you meet some really cool peeps.

  2. Dude, your blog is killing my blog as far as replies go. I may have to go into a depressive episode! Seriously, like your style and good luck.

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